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A brief word on Discord and Discordianism.

Discordianism was founded as a dialectic antithesis to popular religions

based on order, Discordians who do not form their own sects,

make up the Legion of Dynamic Discord, and may be referred to as Legionnaires.

Would-be Discordians are told in the Principia Discordia:

If you want in on the Discordian Society

then declare yourself what you wish

do what you like

and tell us about it

Discordians use subversive humor to spread their philosophy, both order and disorder are an illusory state of the human nervous system and that neither of these illusions of apparent order and disorder is any more accurate or objectively true than the other.

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a pop up art intervention. here I'm photographing my artworks in a corporate environment

a pop up art intervention.
here I’m photographing my artworks in a corporate environment


My Yr 2 Final Exhibition Gallery Black's - Inkspot Cardiff 2013

My Yr 2 Final Exhibition Gallery Black’s – Inkspot Cardiff 2013

I produced this website as a requisite of the final year of my BA(Hons) Art Practice at the 
University of South Wales, Treforest. 
This website contains images of my ARTWORK - Past, Present and in Development. 
I have shared my personal journey through developing my practice which includes 
previous completed artworks, developing ideas and research for my intended 
direction with my work.

Without dissent there is no progress.

I hope that my art opens up a series of questions about the nature of power
or, more specifically, structural violence and the banality of everyday evils.
The unique qualities of violence as a form of action means that human relations 
ultimately founded on violence create lopsided structures of the imagination, 
where the responsibility to do the interpretive labour required to allow the 
powerful to operate oblivious to much of what is going on around them, 
falls on the powerless proles – us! 
We tend to empathize with the powerful far more than the powerful do with us. 
The bureaucratic imposition of simple categorical
schemes on modernculture is 
a way of managing the fundamentally stupid. The sheeple.
My interests in researching my subject matter has meant that 
I have been active in political debate and able to utilise 
mainstream media in order to enhance communication of 
valid political information.

I also have blogs I use for research and inspiration on TUMBLR which may be of interest: