Cardiff’s quarries

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A well written piece on the shameful ecological disaster of the Lesser garth cave system under Morganstown’s hollow mountain.

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Inside Lesser Garth Inside Lesser Garth

Did you know that Cardiff has the biggest underground cave system in any UK city? I thought not. Uncharacteristically, the authorities do nothing to publicise what could be a unique amenity, attraction and selling point; in fact they go to great trouble to conceal what lies beneath. Why so shy? Well, partly because the labyrinth of uncharted tunnels, hidden chasms, bottomless pits, subterranean lakes and collapsed roofs is extremely dangerous – but mainly because to publicise the caves would draw attention to one of the city’s most shameful and extraordinary secrets: a hollow mountain.

The 210m (690ft) high Lesser Garth in Morganstown is a geological paradise where man has scratched, burrowed, dug and quarried since prehistory. The dolomitic limestones of the ridge of hills either side of the Taff Gorge were in demand as soon as hominids sussed out how to bash them with a flint, containing as they do…

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