If Sports Relief took just 5 minutes to tell the truth out of it’s 6 hour broadcast of celebrity
to tell the truth to the good people who gave with honest intentions who honestly think they
can make any difference…

Sports Relief 2014 tears and ethics – The Artist Taxi Driver – Mark McGowan


Britain exists because of Debt, Death and Destruction. Sorry to wake you.

The BBC provide a spectacle for celebrity and a “feel good” vehicle for

collective morality for the UK TV viewing masses without EVER mentioning

the root causes of continental Africa’s real issues. If BBC spent a portion of

their broadcast explaining the real issues such as World Bank Debt, Destruction and

RAPE of resources by City of London mining corporations amongst many others,

Deaths caused by out of control endless wars caused by corrupt leaders who

facilitate mining corporations – then, then the British public may begin to understand

and act to make a difference – City of London mining corporations make £50million

in a fucking day from the rape of Africa!


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