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A Brief History of Mental Illness in Art By Ferris Jabr


images include:
  • Saint Bartholomew Exorcising, circa 1440-1470
  • Portrait of Joan the Mad by Juan de Flandes, circa 1496 – 1500

“Juana (also known as Joanna and Joan) of Castile was born in Toledo, Spain on 6 November 1479, the third child of Queen Isabella of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon. Not long after her marriage to Philippe “The Handsome,” Duke of Burgundy, people of the court began referring to her as Juana “The Mad” (la loca)…

  • Extraction of the Stone of Folly by Hieronymus Bosch circa 1488 – 1516 (
  • The Madhouse by William Hogarth, 1773

“The eight paintings in William Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress (1733) tell the story of Tom Rakewell, a young man who follows a path of vice and self-destruction after inheriting a fortune from his miserly father. It was Hogarth’s second ‘modern moral subject’, and followed the hugely successful A Harlot’s Progress (1730)…

  • The Madhouse by Francisco de Goya, circa 1812 – 1819 (Web Gallery of Art)
  • Salpêtrière by Armand Gautier, circa 1857

1857 lithograph by Armand Gautier, showing personifications of dementia, megalomania, acute mania, melancholia, idiocy, hallucination, erotomania and paralysis in the gardens of the Hospice de la Salpêtrière. Reprinted in Madness: A Brief History (ISBN 978-0192802668)

  • Portrait of a Woman Suffering from Obsessive Envy by Théodore Géricault circa 1881

Gericault’s Monomaniac series once consisted of ten portraits of the mentally ill, however, only five have survived into the present day. The surviving paintings include the Monomanie du commandment militaire (Napoleonic veteran suffering from the delusion of military authority), Monomanie du vol des enfants (A compulsive kidnapper), Monomanie du vol (A kleptomaniac), Monomanie du jeu (A compulsive gambler) and Monomanie de l’envie (A woman suffering fits of neurotic jealousy). The term ‘monomania’ was first coined by French psychiatrist Jean-Etienne Esquirol, and it was an exclusively nineteenth century term referring to a person who was outwardly well, but harboured one obsessive fixation.

  • Philippe Pinel à la Salpêtrière by Tony Robert-Fleury, circa 1876 (
  • Reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait With A Bandaged Ear, circa 1889
  • The Scream by Edvard Munch, circa 1893 (WebMuseum at ibiblio via Wikimedia)
  • Portrait of German writer Heinrich Mann by Max Oppenheimer, circa 1910 (Wellcome Collection via Wikimedia Commons)

“Max Oppenheimer seriously rivalled Kokoschka as a portrait-painter. In 1911, rows erupted between the two artists over who could lay claim to the invention of the ‘psychological portrait’. Oppenheimer’s depiction of the German novelist Heinrich Mann in a state of nervous enervation, with flickering eyelids, rigid limbs and splayed fingers, was declared a “Kokoschka-copy”. Heinrich was brother to Thomas Mann, who continually engaged with the themes of mental illness, incarceration and freedom in his fiction writing.”

  • Jackson Pollock’s Psychoanalytic Drawings, circa 1939-40
  • Rhythm 2 by Marina Abramovic, circa 1974
  • Diary Drawings by Bobby Baker, circa 1997 (via Wellcome Collection)


(This post inspired by “Depictions of Mental Illness in the History of Art,” a recent presentation by Fernando Espi Forcen and Carlos Espi Forcen at the 2013 annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in San Francisco)









2014 Dispersal poster




Ian Pritchard


The Four Horsemen Of Austerity
{Monetisation, Institutionalisation, Corporatisation, Exploitation}
mixed media
During the holiday weekend I bought 3m x 4m Red Velour exhibition carpet and spent saturday afternoon laying that instead of enjoying the weekend with either of my sons.
The ambient lighting for the area is really bugging me.
The area has just one 4ft fluorescent tube with no dispersal filter.
The Halogen spot light and the reading lamps that I brought in are not doing it for me.
I needed to think of another solution.
On Monday I decided to buy two four foot fluorescent fittings with dispersal filters and some trunking and cable and plug. It came to £46.
I fitted it all on Tuesday. I first spent some time with Chris Nurse discussing the optimum positions for my 7 main artworks and I showed him the three grid plans I’d done on the weekend.
We compromised and decided to put the four pop up artworks along the East wall of my area as he didn’t want me blocking the west corner and access doorway.
I showed him the idea I had for a subliminal hint of fascism on the floor of the trolley.
I arranged the wheels and crossed black cloth gaffer tape to hint at a swastika.
The new light fittings were a definite improvement but I still wasn’t satisfied so I decided to disperse the ambient light from the studio using three very large white, semi-opaque, cloth dust sheets.
It’s been quite a job.
I put up several lines of fishing line to stop the sheets from sagging and to provide support.
I secured it all with panel staples, panel nails and carpet/cloth adhesive.
The overall effect has made a considerable difference.
Red Carpet
Red, a primary colour has powerful connotations.
Red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power.
Cosimo de’ Medici of Renaissence Florence furnished his court in Red as a signifier of his dynastic Power.
Red is the colour of extremes.
It’s the colour of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure.
Psychologists say that red stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing.
Red clothing gets noticed and makes the wearer appear heavier.
Since it is an extreme colour, red clothing might not help people in negotiations or confrontations.
Interior Decorators say that red furniture will attract attention.
In contemporary times, Red is beloved of the corporate marketing environment. It entices. It means SALES. In this environment it means commodification and materialism. It has an allure.

Tabloid hate mongers

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tabloid hate mongersFascism is rearing it’s ugly head.

Nothing in politics happens by accident.
Most sane people are waking up this morning in bewilderment, scratching there heads at what happened around Europe in England and in Wales last night…
but anyone who has been watching closely will already be privy to the carefully planned and coordinated ‘rise of the right’ by those controlling all western governments from within the shadows.


Mark McGowan – the Artist Taxi Driver’s analysis of BBC “impartiality”.

BBC bias shame and the Rise of the Right

Marginal Propensity to Consume explained

This is what people need to understand about redistribution of wealth.

It is not about fairness or equality, it is about making the economic system work.

Giving the already super-wealthy massive tax breaks and allowing corporations the ability to set up tax avoiding shell-companies (as 98 out of the FTSE 100 companies have done) is absolutely catastrophic.

BA(Hons) Art Practice 2014 Graduate Show. 7th June – 12th June.
MA Art Practice Interim Show. 28th May – 17th June

BA(Hons) Art Practice 2014 Graduate Show. 7th June - 12th June. MA Art Practice Interim Show. 28th May - 17th June

BA(Hons) Art Practice 2014 Graduate Show. 7th June – 12th June.
MA Art Practice Interim Show. 28th May – 17th June

Mark McGowan in conversation with Musa Okwonga the War Machine part 2/5


“Clean Water (as a commodity) is going to be the new oil.” I’ve an artwork about this in my end of Degree BA(Hons) exhibition!

Omnia Sunt Communia {Water Stressed}

This is NOT austerity. THIS is a fucking ROBBERY.

The combined fortune of Britain’s richest 1,000 people has hit a new high of £519bn – equivalent to a third of the nation’s economic output, and double the figure of five years ago.

The worth of Britain’s rich elite is up 15.4% from last year’s total of £450bn, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

Welsh venture capitalist Sir Michael Moritz has increased his wealth by more than 500,000,000 pounds in the past year.


In yesterday’s paper, a billionaire who only Paid 30Grand on a 2,000,000,000 pound turnover made a £1.5million donation to the TORY party!

When the hell are the Sheeple going to wake up?

The wealth of the top 1,000 has doubled since the financial crisis, rising from £258bn in 2009. Chris Leslie, the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, said: “No wonder the super-rich have got much richer over the last year when David Cameron has given millionaires a huge tax cut. Yet at the same time working people have continued to face a cost-of-living crisis and are £1,600 a year worse off since 2010. Labour is determined to ensure all working people feel the benefits of economic growth, not just a few at the top.”

Real wages – pay adjusted for inflation – have been falling until recently,although they are now starting to recover. Government figures showed last week that Britain’s richest 1% had accumulated as much wealth as the poorest 55% put together. The data also revealed the extent of the inequality across the north-south divide, with household wealth in the south-east rising five times as quickly as the country’s as a whole.


The QUEEN got a £5,000,000 PAY RISE in 2013 – not PAY – a pay RISE!


The Minimum wage was increased by NINETEEN PENCE – you have to work 5 hours to get a NINETY FIVE PENCE increase!

SORRY TO WAKE YOU – go back to sticking your heads in the fucking sand.

While your head’s in the sand, your ARSE is in the fucking air – and YOU are getting fucking SHAFTED!


Government spends £300M on brainwashing ads

Government spends £300M on brainwashing ads – The Artist Taxi Driver, Mark McGowan

H.R. Giger – Art in Motion – Part 1 of 3 (12:01)

HR Giger R.I.P

H.R. Giger’s Art in Motion (2010)

It is the first time you will be able to see Giger’s paintings processed digitally in high resolution quality, 3D animated and together with original film music and surround sound. Watch ten moving image collages, where we used over 200 diapositives which cover the most important periods of his work. Each of those collages will be presented in an abstract story, which will tell us more about Giger’s life and artistic work. Written by Draken.

H.R. Giger – Art in Motion – Part 1 of 3 (12:01)

H.R. Giger – Art in Motion – Part 2 of 3 (12:03)

H.R. Giger – Art in Motion – Part 3 of 3 (9:18)

H.R. Giger – Erotomechanics [ADULT CONTENT]

H.R. Giger Gallery