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Amazing people, but the disabled people of Britain have been abandoned by The Church and targeted by Government and Police. We should be deeply ashamed as a society.

Ian Bone


Brilliant imaginative action by DPAC yesterday in trying to set up an Independent Living Centre in the grounds of WESTMINSTRR ABBEY but the cowardly Dean colluded with hundreds of police in removing them. All hail DPAC.
CLASS WAR will be joining in with DPAC’S next action at 2pm on ThURSDAY AT CAXTON HOUSE…..JOIN US.

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Can’t believe I omitted to celebrate the birth of my favourite Argentine freedom fighter! Oops… sorry comrade.


Ernesto . Che . Guevara archive:

“Household names including @salvationarmyuk, @YMCA_England and @groundworkuk are just some of the organisations who use forced workers on Mandatory Work Activity.
They are not thieving fucking criminals, they are just exploitative cunts.
Boycott them.”

the void

graylingSo desperate are the DWP to hush up the names of charities using workfare that they have been reduced to using a blog post titled “Chris Grayling is a lying bastard” to prove how horrible everyone is being to them because of their forced work schemes.

The post was part of the evidence provided by the DWP at yesterday’s tribunal brought to appeal the Information Commissioner’s Office’s (ICO) decision that charities using workfare should be named.  This followed a Freedom of Information request made two years ago asking for the names of organisations who are accepting workfare placements on the Mandatory Work Activity scheme.

The DWP have pleaded that if this information was made available then workfare will collapse such is the awesome power of Boycott Workfare.  Reams of evidence has been produced by the department, largely taken from the media and Boycott Workfare’s website, which they claim shows…

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Give “tuition fees” their proper name! The “aspiration tax”!

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The Liberal Democrats began writing their own political obituary when they decided to go back on their pre-election promises to vote against any increase in tuition fees in order to allow the Tories to triple university fees to £9,000 per year, making study at English public universities the most expensive in the world.

This betrayal was particularly stupid given that the student lobby were one of the core Lib-Dem demographics. This U-turn was so bad that huge numbers of people who voted Lib-Dem in 2010 because they likes their stance against the commodification of the education system have sworn to themselves that they will never ever vote Lib-Dem again. People aren’t just temporarily angry about this, they are enraged because as far as they are concerned, the Liberal Democrats stole their votes.

The fees that the Liberal Democrats helped the Tories to introduce are not just three times as high as the New Labourfees, they also come at a much higher rate of interest. Instead of being index linked directly to the rate of inflation like the old loans were, the new loans accrue interest at the rate of inflation plus 3%. 

Even with interest rates being held at all time historic low of 0.5% for the last five years the government now admits that they got their sums badly wrong and that 45% of graduates will never earn enough to pay off their loans, rather than the 28% they originally predicted.

There are two main consequences of this huge miscalculation. The first is that the government now admits that their massive hike in student fees is already perilously close to failing to break even, meaning that not only will it cost millions of students extra, it also looks extremely likely that this new system will actually end up costing the taxpayer extra too.

The second consequence is that millions of graduates look set to spend their entire working lives making payments towards the cost of their higher education. These repayments kick in at £21,000 per year and are administered through a 9% direct taxation (taken directly from the salary like income tax and National Insurance). Around half of students will spend their entire working lives paying this 9% Aspiration Tax without ever actually paying the loan off.

Waiting for the final marks for my BA((Hons) Arts Practice. The good news is, the marks I was dreading, my Journals, have received a good mark.

Module: VH3T007
Title: Art Practice 8: Self Directed
Assessment Out of Weight Mark
Visual Journal 100 0.2 70%

The Capitalist Paradigm – (Neo-Feudal Culture Derived From Advanced Capitalism) And Mass Schizophrenia, A Dualistic Version Of Reality.
My research for my essay required me studying at works shock/jolt the viewer from the hypnotic complacency of the spectacle/simulacra (which are, to me, essentially the same i.e. – kitsch, empty, nullifying culture and society that covers over the horrors of war, politics, disparity, capitalism, etc).
They shock by mocking the horrors of postmodern life and by making visible those horrors.

However, such is the Spectacle and Simulacra that it quickly nullifies through fetishism/desires for commodities that consume us, as much as we consume them.
Quickly, we are able to compensate the shock, overcome outrage at the horrors of the world and once again become passive, docile (Foucault) consumers of contemporary life.

This is where the schizophrenia comes into the context of my essay, as we are constantly and simultaneously in two minds, each overcoming the other, so, we do not rise up and become accepting of the status quo.

I went on to talk about how the artists work to critique contemporary culture. Then how they ultimately fail, as shock is nullified and their art becomes part of the spectacle because the artworks are after all simulacra themselves and become commodified.The artists battle it out in the end as to whether they overcome or perpetuate fetishism, consumerism, the spectacle and simulacra…


Red Pepper article – The Subvertising and Brandalism movement, taking back the streets!

The Subvert-ising and Br-andalism movement, taking back the streets!

From Glasgow to Brighton, the streets of the UK look a little different this Monday morning. Guerrilla install crews have swapped 365 adverts with artworks, creating the largest unauthorised advertising takeover in world history as part of the rapidly growing Brandalism campaign against the corporate take-over of public space.

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