9 disturbing things you should know about Cameron’s reshuffle

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Minister who broke the LAW has been welcomed back after just five months!

Mark Harper resigned as an immigration minister in February, because it turned out he was EMPLOYING a cleaner who was in the country ILLEGALLY.

Just five months later, and he’s back in a job, as a Minister at the Department for Work and Pensions!

Just a reminder, Harper was the minister responsible for the “Go home” immigrations vans – which were so bad even Nigel Farage called them “nasty”.

Nice to see there’s another compassionate voice in the DWP, then???
READ more about those “promoted” in the reshuffle…

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1. The Minister for Equalities but not equal marriage

Nicky Morgan has replaced Gove at Education, while keeping the Minister for Women brief she has had since Maria Miller’s resignation. This morning, Cameron also announced  she was being given the Equalities brief, except… she voted against equal marriage. To get around the problem of having your Minister for Equalities opposing your flagship equalities policy, they have given Nick Boles, the new Minister of State for Business and Education, the job of dealing with same-sex marriage.

2. EU Commissioner doesn’t want to be EU Commissioner

Lord Hill has become the new EU Commissioner, but in an interview with Conservative Home last yearhe was asked whether he would want the job – and he replied: “Non, non, non.” LabourList would like to extend our congratulations to him on the role.

It’s not the first time he’s been stuck…

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