Sick of this market driven world? you should be!

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Sick of this market-driven world? You should be – George Monbiot, the guardian.

‘ if you don’t fit in, if you feel at odds with the world, if your identity is troubled and frayed, if you feel lost and ashamed – it could be because you have retained the human values you were supposed to have discarded. You are a deviant. You are human. Be proud.’ — via Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign in Defence of Disability Rights

“To be at peace with a troubled world: this is not a reasonable aim.
It can be achieved only through a disavowal of what surrounds you.
To be at peace with yourself within a troubled world: That, by contrast, is an honourable aspiration.
This aim is for those who feel at odds with life. It calls on you not to be ashamed.”
– George Monbiot


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