I attended this last night as part of my usual seminar evening, some of the best contemporary digital artists from around the world (and a complimentary glass of wine and nibbles).


Join us at Cardiff School of Art & Design’s Llandaff campus, where we will be announcing the winners of the 2014 Lumen Prize awards, as well as debuting this years global show of 25 exhibition works from all over the world.

The awards will be given at 6.30pm by prize-winning artist Gordon Young, V&A’s Irini Papadimitriou, and Abigail Addison of Animate Projects.

Lumen Prize 2014


Speakers included:

Edward Bateman (Utah);

We Are Muesli (Milan);

Peter J. Williams & Sala Wong;

Gary Thomas animateprojects.org; who has worked for

  1. Mario Cavalli;
  2. William Latham;
  3. George Barber;
  4. Andrew Kotting;
  5. Simon Pummell;
  6. Al and Al;
  7. Dryden Goodwin;
  8. Sebastian Buerkner;
  9. Thomson and Craighead;
  10. Silent Signal;
  11. James Lowne – digitalis;
  12. Oliver Harrison (Apocalypse Rhyme – Politics, junkie of War)




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