Psychological experiment of NORMALIZATION carried out on primates

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Behaviourism Psychology, Public Relations, Social Engineering and Bio-politics the greatest tools of those in power.

Psychological experiment of Normalization carried out on primates…

“Why did you do that?”
“I don’t know, it’s just how things are always done around here”.






Normalization has become one of the great instrument of power.
– Michel Foucault

Socioeconomic Spectrum | TZM Defined Book

Sustainable practices can only come about by a value re-orientation towards sustainable thought. While the notion of sustainability is often reduced to an ecological context, the real issue under the surface is cultural. This hence becomes a process of education. It is the perspective of The Zeitgeist Movement that the economic system utilized in a society is the greatest influence on the values and beliefs of its people. For instance, deeply rooted in even the seemingly separate politico-religious doctrines of our time, resides an undercurrent of values set forth by economic assumptions.

The term “socioeconomic”, which is the social science that links the effects of economic activity to other social processes, could have its meaning more specifically extended to also include religious views, political biases, military initiatives, tribal loyalties, cultural customs, legal statutes and other common societal phenomena. It appears that the very fabric of our lives and hence our value system is born, most dominantly, from the cultural perception of our survival, social relationships and ideas of personal/social success.


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