A request for help and recommended reading, I’m compiling an M.A Research dissertation

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Musings
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Hi all,  this is a request for help and recommended reading. I’m compiling an M.A Research dissertation for my MA Art/Philosophy research module (just the odd 20,000 words).

My research subject is;

The Political Mechanisms that Art/Design can adopt.

Focusing upon the following mechanisms;

  • Expression,
  • Representation,
  • Critique,
  • Intervention,
  • Event,
  • Gesture,
  • Status of an object (e.g. the blue tarpaulin at parliament square Occupy Democracy demo, October 2014).

My research has been covering (preparing critique of)

  • Aesthetics of Resistance.
  • Aesthetics of Institution (institutional critique),
  • Explanation of my critical position on the subject, giving a sense of understanding where I stand within the subject, and my contribution.
  • What are the ontologies (forms) of political Art?

Any recommendations for journals, ‘zines, articles, interviews, and so on, that fit this criteria would be gratefully received.

I’m currently setting out/mapping my territory of discussion and compiling a list of (5 or 6) subject matter experts on which to frame my opinions and research and to construct debate.


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