10 responses to pro-oil arguments

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Cultural sponsorship by big oil should not exist to obfuscate the injustices caused by these corporations.

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Oil sponsorship of culture is warming up as a discussion topic. The Museums Association editor expressed support for ethical guidelines that preclude it, and an image of a ‘BP or not BP’ performance headed their consultation on new ethical guidelines. Tate hosted a party to celebrate 25 years of sponsorship by BP, and BP sponsorship again dominated its members AGM. This has led to some discussion on social media. I’ve written quite a bit on this issue in the past, in different places and ways. I’ve decided to pull together all my thoughts in one place in response to all the key arguments expressed in defence of oil sponsorship.

1. The reality argument: The reality is that cultural organisations are facing massive funding cuts and need to take whatever money they can get, no question.

A response:
The reality is that cultural organisations may well not survive climate…

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