It’s Christmas on CHRISTMAS ISLAND!
Whose main occupants are held in an Australian refugee camp where many have committed suicide or sewn up their mouths in protest at the conditions.
Their crime?
They are Iranian CHRISTIANS who fled religious persecution, torture and mutilation.
Happy Jesus’ birthday guys…
(I did art on this subject and had a first in my FDip)


The yellow sheet background – Oceania (Leap of Faith)

this artwork depicts acts of extreme distress spread amongst Iranians in Baxter IDC. It highlights the plight of Christian Iranian refugees who fled their homeland of Iran where there are over 70 forms of state sanctioned torture, for the refuge of Australia only to find themselves; men, women and children, detained indefinitely at Baxter Immigration Detention Centre on Christmas Island. One of the most remote islands of the Pacific. There have been rooftop protests where inmates have committed suicide by jumping to their deaths. Some of the most shocking acts of extreme distress were the teenage boys who sewed up their own mouths while on hunger strike. This case has been labelled “barbarity by omission”.

The shallow relief design that is reminiscent of a palm tree island is in fact a rendering of a close up photograph of the boy who sewed up his mouth in protest at being detained behind bars, his crime was fleeing religious persecution and torture.



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