Royal Parasite buys a £13m Swiss Ski Lodge with Ex-Wife out of British TAX PAYERS handouts!

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Musings
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Well done everyone!

Aren’t we all ecstatically overjoyed?
We’ve just bought the Royal f*cking parasites a £13m ski lodge!

And for the conspiracy theorists, don’t worry Switzerland and the USA do indeed have an extradition policy with each other and the age of consent in Switzerland is 16… I checked!

Prince Andrew has a modest Naval Pension income and has handouts from The Queen’s privy purse for minor royals…
In other words, WE PAID FOR THIS

Randy Andy his ex-Wife to procure their luxury love nest with a joint mortgage… How Lovely!?

News of the property purchase comes a week after the Duke of York, was named in US court papers relating to a pedophilia case against American financier Jeffrey Epstein.


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