BBC Radio 4 has a farcical pseudo-poverty phone-in populated by the ‘squeezed’ Middle-class

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Musings
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I came across a jaw-dropping programme on BBC Radio 4 that was almost totally hijacked by middle class pseudo-poor.

The presenter asked her listeners about changes they’d had to make because of economic hardship and the low wages they were paid. Instead of hearing hardship tales of queuing at food banks all the callers I heard HAD money in their banks.

The first caller I heard’s name was Angela and austerity really wasn’t fun because her sons’ deposit on a house had used some of her money.

The second caller was Ben who loved to travel overseas but he could only have two holidays and not the usual three!

Is the BBC now openly in league and on-message with Tories who think they’re “hard up” when they can’t send Tristrum to Daddy’s old private school? Has Aunty Beeb turned a blind eye to the reality of the many, now that the hands that hold her purse-strings are attached to Tory grandees?

The third caller was Roger and was proud of all he’d saved into his pension from his working days – now he could have all that he craved. When fourth caller, an old dear called Geraldine (who was worried friends would scoff because she couldn’t go to Harvey Nicks) rang, I was so fucking riled I reached for the OFF switch!

But! But! But…. then a BBC intern on the switch board must’ve got it wrong (they surely would have lost their job if it wasn’t for the fact they were trust-funded and working for free?) THEY LET A REAL PERSON ON-AIR!?!?
and before they shut her up;

  • She explained that she survived on just one lowly meal a day,
  • She heats it on a one ring stove.
  • Her days are very grey,
  • She was living in a wheelchair in a second storey flat,
  • When the lift breaks down she can’t get out,
  • She has a broken back.

On the occasions that she’s ventured outdoors in the last 2 years she’s endured some nasty comments from her neighbours who she fears.

They tell her that she’s lucky that she has a disability, she’s lucky that she cannot walk as “now you live for free”. They say she has no worries unlike the rest of the English, who have to pay their bills and tighten belts just so they can manage. She told the BBC that this was all a new phenomenon.

That she’d only suffered this abuse since the days of David Cameron. Since the red tops blame the weak and poor for taking too much money and the bankers who started the mess still live the life of Riley!
The presenter cut her off quickly, so missing the real story – her journalistic instinct crushed by corporate mediocrity.

But it was too late, I’d listened and heard the truth of modern Britain: Our values are so perverted that it’s not the Billionaire super-rich, city bankers or tax dodgers… it’s the weak in Britain, that are now the villains.

BBC Radio 4: Home of the pseudo-poor.

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