The Real Scroungers of this Country! WestMonster Gravy Train!

Posted: March 28, 2015 in Musings
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Apologies in advance for the use of a link from the Daily Heil.

The Real Scroungers of this Country!

Here’s yet more evidence of the kind of odious self-serving scammers and carpet baggers that the British public keep electing back into power.
It’s absolutely clear that a huge number of MPs don’t give a fuck about working on our behalf.
Their efforts focus on scamming as much cash out of the taxpayer as possible.
The three Westminster establishment parties have done virtually nothing to prevent their MPs from ruthlessly gaming the system to maximise their own personal profits, yet the English and Welsh public still keep voting the three corrupt Westminster establishment parties and their egregiously self-serving politicians back into power time and again (out of fear that the wrong corrupt Westminster establishment party might get in if they vote for an actual alternative).

Please copy and paste this. and vote for the person NOT the Party!


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