30 – nil: Antifascists on the streets of Merthyr

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I was at both the Merthyr CP speeches, I experienced the hatred and bile directed at ordinary, elderly working class people and twenty terrified local children who were hiding in the cafe instead of rehearsing for the St David’s day concert. The NF are human filth, utterly bewildered, idiotic scum. Good luck to South Wales AntiFA

South Wales Anarchists

Anti-NF Welcoming Committee Anti-NF Welcoming Committee

Anti-fascists in Merthyr stood with people from surrounding valleys communities on Monday in a show of force against fascism and racism.

Following recent threats, attacks and attempts to recruit by the boneheaded South Wales National Front, locals called on other antifa to join them to show that there is no welcome for fascist scum in working class areas.

The National Front have been gaining traction in South Wales since the collapse of the BNP and have seen both their membership and levels of activity increase recently. They remain a tiny group of confused men, but as their confidence grows, so does their use of violence.ant

Since 2013 there have been two known violent attacks on migrants by members of neo-Nazi groups in Wales. A few weeks ago the NF attempted to ‘disrupt’ and intimidate a Communist Party meeting in Merthyr which George Galloway was due to attend, returning…

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