Farage and the HIV lie

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Nigel uses HIV to illustrate the cost of Health Tourism, his figures were 7000 new diagnosis of HIV each year 60% of whom are not British Citizens.

Let’s break down the figures on where people were infected for Nigel, using the HIV 2014 report. All figures are new cases for 2013. The report looks at two measures, where people became infected and where they were born.

First Nigel got the number of new cases wrong.

Second Nigel got the percentage infected overseas very very wrong, in fact he doubled it - this is important as Ukip use this figure to suggest AIDS infected migrants come here deliberately looking for treatment.

Third he neglected to mention the actual cost of treating all these HIV health tourists is considerably less than 1p per UK citizen per year.

Of course he could have been confused by this:

The proportion of new HIV diagnoses…

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