My photo gallery of the
Erich Marx Permanent modern art collection HamburgerBahnhof museen Berlin

artworks by:

Georg Baselitz,

Gunther Forg,

Andy Warhol,

Roy Lichtenstein,

Robert Rauschenburg,

William Kentridge,

Cy Twombly,

Anselm Keifer,

Thomas Struth

My photo gallery of the Dieter Roth exhibition

Dieter Roth HamburgerBahnhof museen Berlin

“And away with the minutes”. Dieter Roth and Music


Dieter Roth,

George Brecht,

Annika Kahrs,

Ragnar Kjartanssen,

Bruce Nauman,

Nam June Paik,

Marcus Sixay,

Die Todlich Doris,

and others.










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