Richard Littlejohn’s vile Savile pedophile comparison to a Labour government

Posted: May 7, 2015 in Musings
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Littlejohn's I. The Mail: I'd rather trust Jimmy Savile to babysit. May 7 2015.

Littlejohn’s I. The Mail: I’d rather trust Jimmy Savile to babysit. May 7 2015.

Just when you think Britain’s tabloids could sink no lower into the sewer, this morning one columnist has sank lower into the heralding filth than them all.

And of course it’s Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail the Daily Hate!

He has chosen to compare the possibility of a Labour Government (elected through a nominally democratic system) in Downing Street with leaving his children alone with Britain’s most notorious and prolific paedophile:

“Trust Labour with the economy and the NHS? I’d rather have trusted Jimmy Savile to babysit.” he screams.

You couldn’t make this vile Tory supporting shit up!

god only knows what Savile’s victims make of this?


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