Posted: May 17, 2015 in Musings
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Something I found on Tumblr that is so perfectly true I had to share.


“True Decolonization Is A Constant State Of Rebellion Against Systemic Oppression of Indigenous People. Above all, decolonisation, in its purest form(s), is an act of true love for those people.

It is NOT a slogan, meme, trend, jingoism or new academic dogma.

REAL revolution starts in the heart and always appeals to the mind in order to serve collective needs of the people.

Those seeking publicity, fame or personal gain via public political & media posturing often only serve themselves and this often creates false leaders.”
-Douglas Miles

Wanna Decolonize?
Start with a few basic questions:

Whose land are you on right now?

What is the history of this land and the peoples who have occupied it since time immemorial?

What names do those peoples have for this land?

How have you come to be on this land?

What are the processes that made this land available to you?

What about the land you grew up on? or land your parents grew up on? etc.


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