Obfuscation, Diversion and lying about lying…” | We need to Demand a new way

Posted: May 30, 2015 in Musings
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Rob Hutton and Damien McBride, a former spin doctor and an advisor to Gordon Brown has just confirmed on Radio 4

The entire lobby of the Houses of Parliament – the Rat Pit – operates on

“Obfuscation, Diversion and lying about lying…”

I believe we have an entire generation of politicians who are utterly dishonest and it is the collusion and symbiotic relationships between mainstream media and professional

politicians that has corrupted Westmonster forever. We need and must demand change.

  • Yesterday these things happened:
  • Nigeria has had it’s first democratic handover of power since it achieved independence.
  • Podemas in Spain made dramatic gains in Spain’s regional elections.
  • Italy rescued 3000 people in the Med.
  • in Syria – Rebel coalition takes last government-controlled town of Ariha in northwestern province, monitoring group says.

Yet what have the BBC and Sky concentrated on FIFA Corruption, FIFA Election, FIFA “more of the same shit” and the weasel David Cameron racing around Europe trying to get everyone to like him and failing.

Austerity is a Scam a Hoax a Fraud!!!


Austerity is ideological the idea is move public monies into private pockets

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