TORIES love to point to the 1970s in Britain as the chaos of Socialism, Britain was never socialist but there existed a sense of community and society that Thatcherism and the perpetuation of Thatcherism crushed

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Musings
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The rightwing love to use the 70’s as an example of how bad socialism is (there’s never been socialism in the UK, even old Labour was not socialist).

The UK was the sick man (now it’s the sweatshop) of Europe, supposedly we were stepping over the dead, in the streets because of strikes, another rightwing lie.
They conveniently forget to mention there was near full employment in the 70’s, in PRODUCTIVE JOBS, if you didn’t like your job, you knew you could be in a different one within the week (the establishment and the bosses didn’t like that) the worker had too much power.
The communities of the 70’s gave people a feeling of security, an injury to one was an injury to all. There was also a great SENSE of community too, something that’s been lost, and is deeply missed and may never  be restored.
Thatcher and THATCHERISM destroyed all that come the 1980s, privatisation took hold, millions were thrown out of work, council homes were sold off and not replaced, leading to the housing shortage that there is today.

Thatcher needed to smash up communities, she created a sub culture. Then with military precision, she organised an attack on the steelworkers and then miners, police became paramilitaries and the mining communites were destroyed. Thatcher had to destroy the Unions, she referred to the miners as The Enemy Within.
Everything of any value was sold off, Thatcher gave taxbreaks to the rich, shareholders were making huge profits from the essentials of modern life, gas, water, electricity, shelter, even public transport, infrastructure was wrecked by privatisation. Though even Thatcher didn’t dare try privatising the NHS, not then, not yet.
She closed down hospitals, especially mental institutions, those people who depended on these institutions were released into the disaster that was “care. I think the community” put onto the street, leaving them, helpless and destitute without the necessary level of Care and in the community that had been systematically Removed.
Some people with severe psychotic conditions were left without the support and tragedy was inevitable.
Thatcher had massive North Sea Oil revenues coming in, that were also squandered on the rich, they funnelled the profits from oil into offshore tax havens, instead of pumping the profits back into the communities, using the money to create jobs, infrastructure, staffing and equipping hospitals and colleges and schools, a programme of home building, building up the public and social services infrastructures. Instead all these things were allowed to fall into decay. While the rich were trousering billions.
Banks and the financial markets we deregulated, the deregulation that created casino capitalism and led to the financial meltdown that hit in 2007/8.
Whatever lies the Tories try to feed you, condemning all that was wrong with the 70’s, it was a lot better than where we’re at today. There was community, Employment, and more importantly, greed was frowned upon, not seen as a virtue as it is today.

There have been calls since Thatchers death for a museum commemorating her legacy, However, a museum to her terrible legacy already exists, it’s the towns and villages of the South Wales coal field and the poverty porn of television programmes such as Skint and The Valleys! Thatcher’s legacy is also commemorated when a Labour Party candidate standing for the leadership continually refers to aspiration politics. When people like Andy Burnham are all that there is to offer as leader then Labour has had it. Burnham launched his speech at tax evaders Ernst & Young and espoused the same “aspiration nation” politics as George Osborne did when he continually referred to Thatcherism in his 2012 budget speech!

The Labour Party was never meant to be a middle class pale blue party run by career politicians. It was meant to be a party of the unions, of the industrialised workers of Britain and their communities.

This isn’t nostalgia for the past, the old Greek definition of Nostalgia is the memory of an old painful wound, this is a longing for that sense of decency that Thatcher and her Neoliberal/Keynsian ideology destroyed.

Thatcherism is an Evil incarnate.


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