How The Benefit Lies Begin: Claimants Offered Cash And Fame To Say They Don’t Want Jobs

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

This is the disgusting kind of bile merchants of Media love creating. It’s this “feckless scrounger” narrative that the Tories use to justify their attacks on the poor and those in need of social security. It would be such a Shame if she gets flooded with emails…

the void

ally-einsteinThe above pic comes from the facebook page of Alley Einstein, the so-called journalist behind yesterday’s appalling Sunday Mirror attack on an elderly woman’s wedding.

It is hard to imagine anything more vile than finding people in poverty and bribing them say they don’t want a job just so you can smear them as a scounger in the media.  But that’s exactly what some freelance journalists are up to.  Do not fucking talk to them.  And do not talk to Alley Epstein.  The money will run out and it will fuck up your claim.


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