Why I support pretty much any strike by pretty much anyone, anywhere, about anything

Posted: July 11, 2015 in Musings
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A truly great blog on why we plebs must show solidarity with all striking workers, everywhere. Very well written.
When “any” union stands up for the rights of its members (which they all SHOULD be doing, and are NOT) their actions help to create an environment where “standing up for decent working conditions” is easier to do.

It gets other people thinking that THEY should not have to accept crap pay and bad hours.

It gets employers used to the idea that people have a right to collective bargaining.

When this happens (and it has happened in the past) it becomes normal to expect a reasonable deal, and workers are willing to help each other put pressure on bosses who are exploitative arseholes.

The first strike in known human history happened in Egypt and it was a strike of people who worked on the pyramids (no… they were not built by slaves).

People seem to be angry these days with ANYONE who manages to get decent treatment at work, when the more appropriate response is to be ANGRY about all the people WHO DO NOT!

For over half a century union labour was the backbone of the UK.

It meant people had proper training and proper pay.

That is until Thatcher/Reagan came along, and went about intentionally breaking unions for the benefit of their wealthy election contributors. The MSM, run by press barons such as Murdoch and Paul Dacre have massively contributed to the demonisation of Unions before and after the thirty years since the Miner’s Strike of 1984. And this has been solely in the interests of corporations.

The workers of the world need to be re-educated about the maxim “there is strength in numbers”.

Nathaniel Tapley


If you live in or around London, or work there, or know anyone who does, your social media will have been drenched in anger at the Tube strike this morning, along with the occasional voice popping up with: “I was saying Boo-urns.”

Anyway, many people’s first instinct is to blame the strikers (even if they couched in terms of support for nurses / teachers / anyone except tube drivers), so I thought I’d explain why mine isn’t.

To begin, I must declare an interest: I intend to use the Night Tube. I’d rather the person in control of the metal drunk-ferry burrowing its way through subterranean London at peak suicide time felt well-rested and recompensed and able to concentrate on getting me home without being dead.

They’re actually fighting for your pay and conditions

Wait, what? No they’re not? I don’t earn that much.

In a country where more…

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