Tories stripping us of basic rights fought for over a 200 year period

Posted: July 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Tories stripping us of basic rights

It hasn’t taken long for the Conservatives to show their nasty side again.

Last week’s Trades Union Bill is an unnecessary and unfair attack on people’s rights at work and civil liberties.

Rather than dealing with zero-hours contracts, the lack of decent jobs and rip-off rents, the Tories want to pick on union members – midwives, factory workers, shop assistants and firefighters.

The Government is determined to shift the balance of power in the workplace and give bosses the whip hand during disputes.

You don’t have to be in a union to be hit. The pay deals unions agree often set the going rate for workers in many industries.

And the health and safety agreements they negotiate help keep millions of us safe.

The Tories are turning the clock back on workers’ rights and our basic freedoms.

Squire James Frampton – the man who had the Tolpuddle Martyrs sent to Australia – feared that workers organising themselves threatened the power of employers and landowners and called on the full might of the law to silence them.

He would have loved last week’s bill. It is a modern day masterclass in punishing working people and their unions for standing up for their rights.

It is vital that we all come together to oppose it.

The Tory masterplan to smash union power:
Strike ballots to have minimum turnout of 50 per cent to be legal
Public sector strikes woud need 40 per cent backing of ballot
Unions would have to give 14 days’ notice before using banners, loudspeakers, or even setting up a Facebook or Twitter account. They must also outline what these would say
Union organisers on picket lines must wear an armband or they can be fined
Unions would also be fined £20,000 for using social media during strike action – and again if they don’t publish plans in advance
Employers would be allowed to use agency workers to break strikes, which was banned in 1973!

Solidarity with all striking workers is imperative. The goal should be to rid Britain of Tories.

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