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The unnamed general who has threatened a coup against Jeremy Corbyn if he’s elected prime minister should be careful what he wishes for. (See link )

Unusually for a senior officer, this as yet anonymous character – who for the record should be identified and court-martialled if the establishment knows what is good for it – sounds politically and historically illiterate.

If this closet rebel knew a thing about history he should know that it’s often the blustering tyrant who gets the chop in such situations, particularly when common soldiers decide to write their own script. Let’s remember that a proto-version of the British Army helped Charles I to his doom, and that the Russian Army marched off the front lines and straight into a leftist revolution in Russia in 1917.

And what about the late Hugo Chavez, a man whose politics aren’t a million miles away from Corbyn’s? He had no problems gaining the support of certain army regiments in Venezuela during his early coup days. He was a colonel after all.

The point is simple: “soldier” does not mean “moron”, despite what the military and Government would like us all to think. They have minds entirely of their own and they know how to use them.

It was veterans, after all, who played a central part in getting rid of Churchill, voting in Atlee and founding the true legacy of Britain’s military men and women: the NHS, welfare state and other wholesome things of which Corbyn is a veritable champion.

Loyalty to daft plots is not a given when it comes to fighting men and women. It’s a mistake to think of the army as a group of apolitical clones, who will unquestioningly adhere to orders, whatever they may be.

Like all social institutions, the army is split along class lines, meaning there is no guarantee that all or part of the army would not mutiny against a coup.

It is one thing to waffle on about “direct action” carried out by fair means or foul, but any good general needs to consider the practicalities: an armed coup would involve killing British citizens, including Corbyn supporters. If push came to shove, would the British Army really mow down the people who back him?

The people who have most to gain from a Corbyn government are those from the less well-off communities of Britain. Incidentally, these are the communities that our predatory military recruits from.

British soldiers shooting their own friends and families at the whim of some would-be dictator? Really? Are you sure you want to go down that road?

And consider this: politicians and the military have been betraying soldiers for years. Thousands have died and been wounded for no good reason.

There’s been pension cuts, job cuts, homelessness and a chronic lack of mental health provision for veterans. So it may be overly optimistic for a general with an eye on dictatorship to think that the army would be on his side.

Source: The Independent

This is just the tip of a pigs tail. Prime minister David Cameron, the leader of Her Majesties government, exposed by Lord Ashcroft, one of the Tory party’s biggest financial backers, to have carried out bestial necrophilia in a bizarre initiation to join a private “club” while attending his University.

Yes, David Cameron, fucked a dead pigs head while it was held on the lap of one of his establishment chums.

The Tory apologists, the journos and hacks of the 80% Tory Donor owned UK media AND the BBC, have rushed to Twitter in defence of the indefensible and say this latest scandal WILL “blow over”. They called it the sort of prank that ALL students get up to… Really? Er, NO THEY FUCKING DON’T!!!

We, the ordinary people, need a lot more dirt on Cameron and his cronies before the Tory voting public of the English shires take any notice.

We, the ordinary people, need big exposé’s of the whole of the upper class ruling elite.

Expose the Eton/OxBridge crowd, the inherited wealth brigade, the initiation ceremonies, the neo-feudal system, the nepotism, the Whips, the lobbyists, the peerage system. More investigations into the sex abuse claims against Cameron’s Aides and civil servants.

The establishment has to be shown for how utterly rotten to the core it is and the complicity in cover ups of the most horrifying crimes go right up to the Queens’ door. Witnesses to Cameron simulating fellatio on a dead pig say there are photographs. WHO HAS THEM? ARE THEY HOLDING THE PRIMEMINISTER TO RANSOM? WHAT HAVE THEY HAD COVERED UP?

Cameron is in the pocket of Rupert Murdoch’s oligarch agenda, a media empire that ejaculates a cacophony of nonsense, orchestrated by a billionaire who makes his money conditioning the poor to despise each other so that they keep their attention off what is really happening!

We, the ordinary people, need an independent body to take charge of the press, and stop it being used for political propaganda and to actually investigate the scandal of the kleptocratic elite in this country.

How does an ex-TV media company PR man (Central TV during a child abuse scandal that was also covered up!) become Prime minister? What are his qualifications for ruling the country?

It’s bizarre!

Never in my whole life have I considered myself to be British.

Never have I ever said “I’m from Great Britain”. Why would anyone who isn’t within the 1% elite?

I’m embarrassed! I’m embarrassed to have a pigfucking, in-bred aristocrat, pathological liar and full time fucking idiot as my prime-minister.

Given the vile attack by the Conservatives on the Union movement I am posting this article written by Paul Mason about how the first world war ended.

Not many people will know that it was in fact the German workers who brought an end to the war and that Hitler subsequently fearing their power banned them.

This is surely why the Conservatives are intent upon destroying the labour movement. It should be a rallying call for people to get behind the union movement which is the only mechanism for protecting the rights of workers.

“For Hitler, the German workers’ role in ending the war became the “stab in the back”: it was his ultimate justification for eradicating the German labour movement after 1933.

In the British imperialist version of events the Kiel sailors become useful ancillaries: Yanks and tanks turn the western front and, naturally, the Germans throw the towel in once their front starts to crumble.

But to social historians the German workers’ role in ending the war is no surprise. Because exactly 100 years ago this week, they had also turned out in their hundreds of thousands to try and prevent it starting.

The German socialist party was a massive social institution – with libraries, schools, choirs, nurseries – and during the fatal slide to war they called their members onto the streets in every major city. Then, under the pressure of war fever and fearing their institutions would be outlawed, the socialist leaders swung behind the war effort.

We know now, thanks to the publication of records and memoirs, that it was entirely possible to have stopped the first world war. Key members of the British cabinet were against it; large parts of the social elite in most countries, including Germany, were stunned and appalled by the unstoppable process of mobilisation.”

Here is the News for UK citizens:
the British Empire ended in 1945, a LONG TIME AGO, there was much to be ashamed of As we raped the resources of half the planet.
The British establishment does not give a fuck about you or your family, you will never be part of their club, you are no more than a commodity, cattle to be bought, sold and exploited.
We are NOT a “Christian Country”, we are (for better and worse) a multiculture (see first point above), including those with no religion.
The Royal Family are a tourist attraction of German descent, posing as English heritage and a made up “divine” lineage.
the UK is a nation run by banks in the square mile of the city of London, the city of corruption, known as THE CROWN ESTATE.
Jesus is a made-up pseudo-historical figure made up by a committee of Romans around the year AD400.
You live in a Corporate kleptocracy where you are continually in debt to some rich bastard who is probably evading taxes, something that you would definitely go to prison for.
Sorry to expose your fake version of reality but it’s TIME TO WAKE THE FUCK UP!


Postmodern capitalist culture is the culture of pastiche and schizophrenia- from Frederic Jameson.

A movement is underway in Newport, watch this space…

Guy Debord's Cat

The People’s Charter of 1838

The Cat thinks so. The original Chartist movement began in 1838, six years after the First Reform Act was passed,  which extended the franchise to property-owning males and abolished the Rotten Boroughs. Sadly, it didn’t go far enough. The working class were still effectively excluded from the franchise, yet they were still subjected to the tripartite social dictatorship of the aristocracy, the landed gentry and the industrialists who were represented in Parliament by the Tories and the Whigs. The Poor Act of 1834 provided a further catalyst for the Chartist movement. Fast forward to the present day and Conservative government is threatening to rebrand the Poor Law.

Today’s neoliberal politicians continue to talk about The Deficit. The Conservative Party claims that deficit reduction is their key priority and talk about little else. The Labour Party under the Blairite postmodernists bought into their mantra andrepeated the urgency…

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Just trying to reflect on exactly what the S*n means when it advocates bombing Syria in the name of a dead three year old Syrian toddler…

So which does ‘The Sun’ advocate?
Bombing ISIS so that Syrians can suffer under the misery of Bashar al-Assad’s murderous tyranny, or bombing al-Assad’s forces so that the country can become part of an ultra-reactionary ISIS caliphate where life means nothing and sadistic brutality is regarded as honourable?
Or is ‘Bomb Syria Now’ just an empty, meaningless slogan, like everything else they print in that despicable shit rag run by sabre rattling COWARDS!