Here is the News for every UK Citizen

Posted: September 16, 2015 in Musings
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Here is the News for UK citizens:
the British Empire ended in 1945, a LONG TIME AGO, there was much to be ashamed of As we raped the resources of half the planet.
The British establishment does not give a fuck about you or your family, you will never be part of their club, you are no more than a commodity, cattle to be bought, sold and exploited.
We are NOT a “Christian Country”, we are (for better and worse) a multiculture (see first point above), including those with no religion.
The Royal Family are a tourist attraction of German descent, posing as English heritage and a made up “divine” lineage.
the UK is a nation run by banks in the square mile of the city of London, the city of corruption, known as THE CROWN ESTATE.
Jesus is a made-up pseudo-historical figure made up by a committee of Romans around the year AD400.
You live in a Corporate kleptocracy where you are continually in debt to some rich bastard who is probably evading taxes, something that you would definitely go to prison for.
Sorry to expose your fake version of reality but it’s TIME TO WAKE THE FUCK UP!


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