Why do UKIP feel the need to lie? The 75% EU Law myth EXPOSED

Posted: March 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Exposing UKIP

This is a poster just released by the UK Independence Party (UKIP) for the 2014 European Election campaign.

Truth, lie or a genuine mistake? Truth, lie or a genuine mistake?

The issue of how many of UK laws are generated in Brussels has always been a contentious one.  Just after the second Clegg-Farage debate in early April, UKIP’s official Youtube channel (ukipofficial) uploaded a video titled ‘Facts’:

Screenshot of UKIPFacts Youtube video, now made private/removed. Screenshot of UKIP ‘Facts’ Youtube video, now made private/removed.

The video consisted of:

1) A clip of Nick Clegg from the first debate claiming that ‘only 7% of UK law is generated in Brussels’;

2) Followed by a clip of European commissioner Viviane Reding talking about ‘70% of laws’;

3) Then a clip of Nigel Farage in the second debate challenging Clegg’s 7% figure, accusing him of ‘willfully lying to the British people’ (accompanied by dramatic background music);

4) And finally, Farage’s rallying cry to join the ‘People’s Army…

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