Tories Vs The Unions

Posted: March 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

A Nation Divided

It’s not been a good few months for the Tories. They’ve always been fighting Labour and the unions, but now they’ve turned on each other. The irony is, David Cameron is so over confident he has the audacity to attack Jeremy Corbyn’s split Labour Party. I’m not entirely sure whether it’s funny, or just plain stupid.

The unions have been very active of late…

Hunt’s dispute with the Junior Doctors have opened the eyes of many previous Conservative party supporters. The Doctor’s union, the BMA, has organised strike action for the beginning of next month. The whole arguement is around the wage the doctors receive and the hours they work. Junior Doctors are cross with a new contract being placed upon them, which means the amount they are paid for working weekends is not enough. They are also concerned that the normal working hours are too long and it could…

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