‘Hiatus irrationalis’: A Poem by Jacques Lacan in Translation

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my love is a fire eternal…

The Yawn Of Nonsense – A translation of Jaques Lacan poetry.

Saprographs: parasitical writings

Below is a translation of a poem by Jacques Lacan, ‘Hiatus irrationalis,’ by me.
            Lacan’s poem first appeared in the surrealist magazine Le phare de Neuilly (issue 3), a monthly revue edited by Lise Deharme lasting four issues, in 1933; it was again published in 1977 in Magazine littéraire II (1977): 121. I have included a transcription of the version that appears in the latter below, following my translation.[1]
            It is very much a creative and poetic translation rather than a literal one and is a rendering of the work in a new, or at least different, manner (even going as far as not retaining the Latin title); with this, it is obviously formally different and veers from what might be considered a ‘direct’ translation. I have attempted to retain the ‘spirit’ of the text but in as much as it is mediated by my poetic sensibilities, it…

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