Housing Crisis: Corbyn is right and class war is here

Posted: September 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

CORBYN is CORRECT> CLASS WAR does exist in the UK

UKI Left

Thankfully most pensioners today can claim to own their own home or are secure in private rented accommodation or in some cases are in properties such as sheltered housing.

One pensioner we spoke to though had a story to tell. We will refer to her here as Ms I.

Ms.I is thankfully living in rented accommodation and has been in the same property for almost 20 years. By her own admission she is fortunate to have a brilliant landlord.

Recently however Ms.I who lives in the West Country has begun to look for rented accommodation in the South East for personal reasons and it’s proving a near impossibility. There have been numerous stumbling blocks, many of which will have been experienced by others, pensioner or not.


Like most people looking for rented accommodation Ms.I is unable to afford most of the properties in the area she is looking at…

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