On the Vacuousness of ‘Neoliberalism’ as a Political Category: A Dialogue

Posted: September 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

Absolutely love this artwork “Symposium on Neoliberalism” by Tiago Hoisel.
And the accompanying dialogue in the blog is very tongue-in-cheek.

Linguistic Capital

Marxist: You want to know why the economy is in such dire straits these days? It’s because of this damn neoliberalism that all the countries of the world are uncritically accepting!

Capitalist: Whoa, now. That’s a really broad statement. Let me try to see if I fully understand what you mean. So you think that stimulus is a neoliberal policy?

M: Absolutely. All the Fed is doing is making more financial gimmicks in an attempt to help a structurally broken economy.

C: Okay, that’s a legitimate point of view, I suppose. So given that the USA has to somehow pay off its deficit, you must be in agreement with the people who say that austerity is the way to go.

M: Absolutely not! If the government tried that, me and my friends would be up in arms! Austerity is neoliberalism in its worst form!


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