Emissions scandal? Where to begin? TTP, TTIP, TISA and CETA are all stitch-ups by Corporate lobbyists and our governments

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Big Up The Walloons!!!

The Belgian regional government defeated the CETA – Canadian free trade agreement, all by itself! https://www.theguardian.com/world/shortcuts/2016/oct/21/wallonia-eu-latest-rogue-element-walloons

Being the opposite of an optimist, (this latest story has got me very depressed https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/oct/24/petrol-cars-allowed-to-exceed-pollution-limits-by-50-under-draft-eu-laws) and holding no faith whatsoever in those of positions of governance, it looks like non-toxic, clean, breathable air is increasingly going to be a commodity that you have to pay to manage your own supply of – I’ve been looking at research of ways of filtering out nitrogen oxides and particulates to create at least a personal space within the smog cloud of urban living and the ubiquitous commute.

All inner city pedestrians should be considering wearing those masks the savvy cyclists use, the filtering medium they use is DACC – Dynamically Activated Charcoal Cloth.

DACC is technology developed by the UK defence industries in the 1980’s for military clothing resistant to NBC – Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Weapons!

There are already companies making home filtration systems for people living in toxic urban environments,


Convert your home into a quasi fallout shelter! (no criticism of the firm, they seem rather fantastic?)

I also discovered that the manufacturers of top of the range, luxury cars which also pump out NOx poison we have to breath are being equipped with cabin filters incorporating activated carbon technology and filtration below PM2.5 to preserve the occupants from the filth that their cars generate! – not like the filthy rich to isolate themselves from us plebs eh?

Us peasants with lesser or older cars can obtain upgraded cabin filters approaching the Mad Max post apocalypse spec’ enjoyed by the elites from an enterprising firm up North…


so… don’t expect our government, which has handed our sovereignty to global Corporate entities, to do anything, – just dig deep into your pockets, buy your own respirators, install domestic air filtration and upgrade your cars cabin/pollen filter to the closest ‘apocalypse’ spec you can, – your government doesn’t give a shit about you….

(there are only FIVE particulate monitoring sites in the UK and two are rural background monitoring sites)


(you can monitor your own environment at your own expense with particulate sensors)


(and a personal NO2 monitor)


failing all these, good luck with the asthma….?


26th October: MSC Global Governance

Masterclass with Visiting Professor Geoff Cousins on the VW Emissions scandal

Barrett, S.R., Speth, R.L., Eastham, S.D., Dedoussi, I.C., Ashok, A., Malina, R. and Keith, D.W., 2015. Impact of the Volkswagen emissions control defeat device on US public health. Environmental Research Letters, 10(11), p.114005.


Blackwelder, B., Coleman, K., Colunga-Santoyo, S., Harrison, J.S. and Wozniak, D., 2016. The Volkswagen Scandal.


Klier, T. and Linn, J., Comparing US and EU Approaches to Regulating Automotive Emissions and Fuel Economy.


Comparing US and EU Approaches to Regulating Automotive Emissions and Fuel Economy
Thomas Klier and Joshua Linn

Key Points

  • Historically, the United States and European Union have taken different approaches to regulating passenger vehicle fuel economy and emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, affecting choices of vehicle engines and fuels.
  • The Volkswagen emissions testing scandal will likely have broader implications for
    the regulation of fuel economy, greenhouse gas emissions, and emissions of other pollutants.
  • The scandal has led to a tightening of US emissions testing procedures, whereas EU regulators have responded to widespread noncompliance with current emissions standards by providing manufactures more time to adjust to upcoming standards.
  • Some have suggested giving more weight to real-world testing-that is, measuring emissions and fuel consumption from vehicles while on the road, possibly over their lifetimes and not just at the time of certification


My view…

Of course emission standards should be as low as possible but they should also reflect economic and technical realities.
Under present standards car manufacturers have been able to exploit glaring loop holes in regulations, no doubt the extremely powerful Automotive lobby is active in ensuring the loop holes exist?
It’s clear that the VW tricks represent only the tip of the iceberg.
Other manufacturers have also exploited the same loopholes, BUT, for some reason they have not been punished by the media and authorities.
For example; the real emissions of many Ford, GM, Land rover, Volvo, Fiat and Renault cars are many times the permitted levels.

The first task therefore HAS to be European Court action and legislation to close all existing loop holes!
The result would be substantial reduction in emissions.

Lowering the emission limits will obviously also help but closing the loop holes will have a bigger impact.

Many (but not all) of the latest Euro 6 specification diesel engines will already meet the proposed emission standards.

The technology is already there but if, by exploiting loop holes, manufacturers can save a few hundred £ or € hand improve market share and a competitive edge – They will DEFINITELY do it. Especially in the EU as they won’t receive US level fines if their caught!


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