The Mainstream and the Margins: Noam Chomsky vs. Michael Parenti

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An excellent Analysis. My MSc schedule means I can’t concentrate entirely on all the sub-blogs attached atm, but I am well impressed at the amount of info here.


I soon plan to read Michael Parenti’s ‘The Culture Struggle’ – or anything by Parenti!

“In conclusion, racism is usually seen as an aberrant, irrational output of a basically rational social system.

Actually, it more often is the other way around: racism is the rational outcome of an irrationally skewed and unjust system of privilege and exploitation.

Much of politics is the rational manipulation of irrational symbols.

Racist sentiments are consciously orchestrated by ruling elites whenever they can get away with it.”

Some good stuff on YouTube too – like this:

Michael Parenti — Functions of Fascism: 

Michael Parenti: Conspiracy and Class Interest



Dr Michael Parenti’s ‘The Sword and the Dollar’ here talking about its themes.



Noam Chomsky is, as anyone reading this knows, a linguist, MIT professor, and the English-speaking world’s foremost radical dissident intellectual. Chomsky’s work in this latter capacity is so well-documented that it’s not necessary to recapitulate too much—however, a few choice high notes include decades of criticism of US foreign policy, some decent commentary on then-President-elect Barack Obama at a time nearly all of the Western commentariat had turned into a deranged Borg-like collective, and producing the second comprehensive study of corporate constraints on the media along with Edward Herman. As co-author of Manufacturing Consent, Chomsky provided a model illuminating the “political economy of the mass media,” and from this research came a great deal of very useful and incisive media criticism on issues like how concision and sound-bites help the status quo and why a journalist can be both genuine and compromised. Herman and Chomsky’s propaganda model purports…

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