Two-Thirds of All Wildlife Will Be Wiped Out by 2020

Posted: November 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

I have this book “THE SIXTH EXTINCTION” in my collection. It’s as valuable as TIPPING POINT and THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Armory of the Revolution


Scientists say we are in the Holocene Extinction, the sixth mass extinction in the Earth’s history. Unlike the first five mass extinctions, this one is caused by human conduct. Specifically, capitalism.

As capitalism controls most of the world’s governments and economies, it is absurd to think that capitalist politicians can or will do anything to slow or reverse climate change.

To do so would mean funneling trillions of dollars into the Third World, ending animal agriculture, immediately stopping the extraction and use of fossil fuels, stopping virtually all manufacturing, plunging Western economies into chaos.

Markets and profits are far more important to capitalists and their political stooges than are any concerns about the environment.

Only by quickly, and violently, overthrowing capitalist governments does the human race have a chance to avoid extinction. All promises and rhetoric offered by politicians are meaningless, all are pandering for votes and support. None can…

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