Nosferatu Shadows on the Cave Walls

Posted: November 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

Article by Robin Ince on the vile Daily Mail

Robinince's Blog

I wrote this after some wine. Just sentences…

There’s Nosferatu shadows on the Plato cave walls.

The Daily Mail is an equal opportunities fury supplier. It enrages the readers who agree with it and it enrages those who despise it. It is an S&M mistress, tightening the buckles around whatever extremity gives you the most pain.
Always brashly confident in their sneering contempt for anything that may be unusual in their view of England as a Constable knock off placemat, they have a new aggression post Brexit. They demand that anyone who rejects their reality as some ultimate truth be crushed, or be aware that they may well be at some time in the future if they don’t mend their ways.
This is the post fact world at its most muscular, ludicrous only to those who noticed the yapping dog pull back the curtain to reveal the sweating, charlatan Dacre-Wizard…

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