England’s missing acres

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Superb research by Guy Shrubsole of Friends Of The Earth ( a mate )
“England’s Missing Acres”.

Who Owns England?

Piecing together who owns England is rather like doing a jigsaw puzzle. And like with most jigsaw puzzles, there are, alas, pieces missing.

The Land Registry – despite being set up in 1862 – has still not finished registering all land in England and Wales. In fact, its register is only about 80% complete. The land area of England and Wales combined is some 37.3 million acres, so with 20% unregistered, that’s some 7.5 million acres that are still ‘missing’.

That’s because registration is only compulsory when land changes hands (a law that was brought in in 1925, and updated in 2002). There are large swathes of England that haven’t been bought or sold in centuries, as they’ve remained in the hands of aristocratic families, the Church or the Crown. So, unless the owners have voluntarily registered their interest in the land, they may be absent from the record.

This doesn’t make them…

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