Who owns England’s grouse moors?

Posted: January 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Research by Guy Shrubsole, FoE.

Who owns England?

Grouse moors cover an area of England the size of Greater London, and rake in millions in public farm subsidies. That’s the conclusion of an investigation I’ve carried out for Friends of the Earth – with the kind assistance of an academic who wishes to remain anonymous – and which appears in today’s Guardian.

Grouse shooting is a blood sport enjoyed by so few people that even the Spectator calls it “screamingly elitist”– the pastime of landed aristocrats, City boys and billionaire businessmen. It is also environmentally damaging: the management of grouse moorland involves burning huge tracts of heather every year, to boost grouse populations. This degrades the underlying peat, releases soil carbon and, studies show, may well lead to significantly worse flooding downstream.

Yet incredibly the owners of grouse moors continue to receive millions of pounds annually in taxpayers’ money via our broken farm subsidy system, the EU Common Agricultural Policy…

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