KCTMO – Feeling the Heat!

Posted: June 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

The GrenFell Tower Action Group’s concerns fell on deaf ears. They have been repeatedly fobbed off.
Now there is an ongoing human disaster in Kensington & Chelsea borough.
The scene is absolutely devastating.

Grenfell Action Group

P1010075.JPGThe Grenfell Action Group are acutely aware that we are resented and despised by the un-holy trinity that controls North Kensington, ie the Council and their quislings at the KCTMO and the Westway Trust. What these bodies cannot deny, however, is that they not only read our blog but are often forced to act as a consequence of the issues that we raise.

The most recent example of the Grenfell Action Group’s influence can be evidenced by the fact that the KCTMO have finally responded to our long standing concerns about the lack of fire safety advice provided to their tenants and leaseholders. The Grenfell Action Group has a long history of raising concerns about the almost criminally lax manner in which the KCTMO treats fire safety issues and we are on record as stating that it is our belief that a serious and catastrophic incident will be the undoing…

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