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Cuadrilla employees putting protestor’s lives at risk.


170704 pnr Kirsten Buus for Reclaim the Power 2 Photo: Kristian Buus for Reclaim the Power

The Green Party is calling on the shale gas company, Cuadrilla, to answer allegations of violence by security guards and staff against protesters at its site near Blackpool.

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So in yesterday’s news, a company part owned by a fund set up in a secrecy jurisdiction and part owned by an Australian company (which itself is Chinese owned), which employs police from different regions of the UK (including one where fracking has a moratorium), complains that some of the protestors are not local.
The Irish CEO of said company has never been known to visit the site.
His security men recently assaulted two of the protectors, we resist non-violently, yet he claims our protests are not peaceful.
Finally there is a lack of understanding of what lawful protest is. This is ridiculous given the nature of his climate crimes.
We will hold you to account for your lies Mr. Egan.


170703 pnr Kristian Buus Arrest of Kirkham town councillor, Miranda Cox, 3 July 2017. Photo: Kristian Buus for Reclaim the Power

The shale gas company, Cuadrilla, said today many of the protests at its site near Blackpool were by a “small hard-core” of national activists and were neither peaceful nor lawful.

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