detail – Blue tarpaulin – EU Inspired A Generation

Posted: March 16, 2014 | Full size is 960 × 720 pixels

detail – Blue tarpaulin – EU Inspired A Generation


detail – Blue tarpaulin – EU Inspired A Generation

The blue tarpaulin – Europe (Throwing it away)
This highlights the anguish felt by a seething angry forgotten generation that has felt the brunt of the Euro zone crisis and savage austerity cuts.
Unemployment for the young in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal is running at 50%, this is totally unacceptable. The rise of fascist, neo-Nazi organisations, that includes France, is also a worry with race hatred and cultural polarisation and attacks on migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers on the rise (Source: Human Rights Watch).
I’ve utilized recognizable Olympic motifs and Lord Sebastian Coe’s LOCOG slogan, “inspire a generation”.
I’ve also taken the news story of the ring of military might that will enforce “security” in London during the Games which may include Ground-to-Air missile launchers on blocks of flats, a Royal Navy warship and tens of thousands of armed soldiers!
I wanted to comment on the takeover of the capital city by the rapacious road show of the IOC.
I also wanted to respond to how athletes are being used as political propaganda and also wanted to echo newspaper photographs from around Europe (most recently in Greece) of far-right nationalist organisations demonstrating and holding lit torches, mirroring the Olympic torch.
The character may also be interpreted as a London rioter. However I’d like him to represent the UKUncut movement, the Occupy movement and those rebelling against the savage cuts and the unjust attacks on a generation.

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