Exhibition and Artist review – draft

Guidelines for artist and exhibition appreciation and critique. This list is a personal guide only.
Artist Name:

Date of birth/ death:

Appreciation of painting to include following eight points:

  • Title/ date/ media/ collection or museum if known
  • The subject of the painting e.g. whether it is a landscape/ portrait/ still life/ urban/ abstract etc
  • The compositional elements of the painting e.g. what is included in the painting in the foreground/ background/ middle distance.
  • The painting technique or style e.g. you may want to use adjectives to describe the painting technique such as: loose brushwork/ spontaneous/ direct/ lively/ vibrant/ sketchy/ impasto/ energetic/ thinly painted/ thickly painted/ layers of colour/ washes of colour/ controlled or detailed brushwork/ highly finished/ photographic quality/ impressionistic/ expressionistic/ cubist/ surrealistic etc.
  • Use of colour e.g. bright primary/ dark monochrome/ subdued/ intense/ subtle/ use of chiaroscuro/ pastel/ contrasting/ harsh/ pale/ etc
  • Overall feeling or mood of the painting e.g. : happy/ quiet/ tranquil/ peaceful/ romantic/ sad/ tragic/ emotional/ disturbing/ real/ humorous/ moody/ inspiring/ offensive/ etc.
  • Content, meaning or message of the painting – what I think the artist has set out to convey e.g. a painting of everyday life/ a love of colour and landscape/ a comment on time and place/ a political statement/ a humorous statement/ a personal emotional response/ a story or narrative/ a symbolic representation/ an abstraction from the subject etc.
  • My own opinion and critical analysis whether I like the painting or not and why.