LOOK THE HOOK {after L.H.O.O.Q} – WHITE BANNER with barbed metal hook
Readymades. L.H.O.O.Q Marcel Duchamp. She's got a hot arse

Readymades. L.H.O.O.Q Marcel Duchamp. She’s got a hot arse

Artistic Influences:

Readymades, Marcel Duchamp defacing the Mona Lisa, 1919.

L’Hooq is onomatopoeic for the french phrase “she’s got a hot arse” and is slang for a hooker or prostitute.

Philosophical Influences:

 In English, to me, the phrase sounds like “look” which is this marketing banner’s  raison d’etre – it demands to be seen!

I see the message on the banner itself as bait for a get rich quick scheme, it is a hook. It’s aim is to manipulate the basic instinct of what the philosopher Lacan refers to as “la manqué” or the “lack”, which is a function of desire.

Ultimately I suppose this work is about manipulation by Corporatism, commodity fetishism and basic human avarice.

Materials: barbed aluminium hook, mixed media, on vinyl film found item – popup