2013 Foundation Degree Museum Project – A Fecal Matter

The narrative of this banner displays the life cycle of the toxocara canis parasitic infection from dog to child.

My intention is to convey the apathetic attitude commonly displayed in society that harm to ones environment is someone else’s problem. A problem that could simply be rectified by use of a simple plastic bag and cleaning up one’s own litter (or the litter of ones pet animal).

I wanted to use this museum project and my art to raise social awareness of important issues affecting us all.

My research journals show how faeces, like other rubbish, has been adopted by modern artists as a cultural critique.

The research and development resulting in the museum project – “A Fecal Matter” – has been the basis of my final year exhibition artwork for my May 2014 exhibition.

The project was based upon a social issue, upon apathy, upon found items, upon secondary sourced and primary sourced imagery and about the possibility of taking the artwork and setting it up anywhere, with ease and being able take it down again with the same level of ease.

I further developed my image transfer method using silicone adhesive while producing this work.