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Posted: March 19, 2014 | Full size is 2268 × 4681 pixels

Everything is awesome… working title – Threnody of empathy – You’re A Slave To Money, Then You Die.


You’re A Slave To Money, Then You Die.

working title – Threnody of empathy

“Everything is awesome…” is the ubiquitous theme tune heard throughout the Lego movie.

This is a new montage mashing up Robert Longo and a Lego movie character I call Robert Lego.
(if you know art you may get the joke, otherwise look up the artist – Robert Longo, 1980’s “Men in the Cities” series).
I made it as a reaction to the Budget.
I’m going to paint it 5′ x 3′ on a 2m x .8m marketing pop-up canvas, using acrylic paints and a personally altered cardboard mask from the McDonald’s Lego Movie tie-in.

Perhaps it’s really about the deeper debts we owe to one another…
a deeper bankruptcy: an insolvency of character, spirit, ethic, purpose, and above all, wisdom.

Our best chance to heal our broken world might just be a series of revolutions — economic, industrial, social, political…
each starts with tiny awakenings — personal, professional, ethical, intellectual.

Creating a better future is going to take what it’s always taken.
And that’s not political leaders concerned with “winning” the future isn’t a game…

Value isn’t just denominated in today’s pounds and petro-dollars…
Worth is measured in meaning.

In a neo-feudal trans global economic system – You’re A Slave To Money, Then You Die.

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