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Please share this Objection form. We have just SIX DAYS left to save the ancient Common land from fencing off and destruction.
Twyn y Waun and the Waun Fair (credit: Peter Keohane Dic Penderyn Society – Cymdeithas Dic Penderyn)
To the north of Fochriw and above the hamlet of Pant-y-Waun, on the western side of Rhas Las pond, was situated the historic Waun Fair, or Marchard -y-Waun and constituted one of the largest and most active marketing centres in south Wales.. The location is called Twyn-y-Waun.

the westerners view is entirely blocked by massive overburden mounds of earth removed by opencast and destroying the area forever.


This photo was taken yesterday. I am looking eastward toward Rhas Las pond across the Nant Llesg Common. Ebbw Vale mountain is in the misty distance


For some time prior to A.D. 1140 there had been a market situated at Twyn y Waun and it was granted its charter in 1140 by Iestyn ap Grwgant, King of Glamorgan, and it quickly developed into a marketing hive of activity serving the three counties of Glamorganshire, Brecknockshire and Monmouthshire, within who’s borders it was situated.
Merthyr Tudful had been in discontent for a long time, particularly since the depression of 1829 with subsequent reform agitation following, not least in the early months of 1831. Merthyr Tudful was in a ferment of discontent and disturbance culminating in a great Reform Rally at Twyn y Waun on 30 May 1831.
The now famous Parliamentary Reform and Trade Union rights rally was held on the same day as the fair on 30 May 1831.
The ‘Reformists’ had left Hirwaun Common, the radicals killed a calf and dipped in its blood the white cloth of a reform flag, which they raised on a pole as possibly the first ever Red Flag of Popular Rebellion along with another banner that stated ‘Bara neu Waed’ (Bread or Blood).
The History of Class Struggle began here!
Please help us save Rhas Las pond from destruction, we have managed to get Statutory Ancient Monument Status but it faces imminent destruction – WE HAVE JUST 7 DAYS left to OBJECT.
Go to Facebook and search: STOP THE RAPE OF THE FAIR COUNTRY
Go to Facebook and search:  United Valleys Action Group

Sat drinking a cup of tea and cogitation starts as usual. I’ve been away from my blog for a long time.

I’m trying to reconcile how one of the main areas of growth in art in the last few years has been in what’s now been dubbed “Post-atrocity Art”, it’s got it’s own label, it’s become a thing and probably it’ll soon be an area of study – no doubt there’s a thesis there.
And it, Post-atrocity Art, has burgeoned, I almost said exploded but stopped myself, due to the prevalence of Social Media and everyone’s desire to display. The latest symbol is the painted symbol of the CND chicken-foot incorporating the Eiffel Tower.
There is a market and now a commodity for collective grief, is it grief? Is it a genuine wish to connect with others and show sympathy and unity through symbolism? Or is it something else? Is there vanity involved as well? There is a correlation to the Post-Diana reaction.

It’s probably worthy of research as a psycho-social phenomenon?

The unnamed general who has threatened a coup against Jeremy Corbyn if he’s elected prime minister should be careful what he wishes for. (See link )

Unusually for a senior officer, this as yet anonymous character – who for the record should be identified and court-martialled if the establishment knows what is good for it – sounds politically and historically illiterate.

If this closet rebel knew a thing about history he should know that it’s often the blustering tyrant who gets the chop in such situations, particularly when common soldiers decide to write their own script. Let’s remember that a proto-version of the British Army helped Charles I to his doom, and that the Russian Army marched off the front lines and straight into a leftist revolution in Russia in 1917.

And what about the late Hugo Chavez, a man whose politics aren’t a million miles away from Corbyn’s? He had no problems gaining the support of certain army regiments in Venezuela during his early coup days. He was a colonel after all.

The point is simple: “soldier” does not mean “moron”, despite what the military and Government would like us all to think. They have minds entirely of their own and they know how to use them.

It was veterans, after all, who played a central part in getting rid of Churchill, voting in Atlee and founding the true legacy of Britain’s military men and women: the NHS, welfare state and other wholesome things of which Corbyn is a veritable champion.

Loyalty to daft plots is not a given when it comes to fighting men and women. It’s a mistake to think of the army as a group of apolitical clones, who will unquestioningly adhere to orders, whatever they may be.

Like all social institutions, the army is split along class lines, meaning there is no guarantee that all or part of the army would not mutiny against a coup.

It is one thing to waffle on about “direct action” carried out by fair means or foul, but any good general needs to consider the practicalities: an armed coup would involve killing British citizens, including Corbyn supporters. If push came to shove, would the British Army really mow down the people who back him?

The people who have most to gain from a Corbyn government are those from the less well-off communities of Britain. Incidentally, these are the communities that our predatory military recruits from.

British soldiers shooting their own friends and families at the whim of some would-be dictator? Really? Are you sure you want to go down that road?

And consider this: politicians and the military have been betraying soldiers for years. Thousands have died and been wounded for no good reason.

There’s been pension cuts, job cuts, homelessness and a chronic lack of mental health provision for veterans. So it may be overly optimistic for a general with an eye on dictatorship to think that the army would be on his side.

Source: The Independent

This is just the tip of a pigs tail. Prime minister David Cameron, the leader of Her Majesties government, exposed by Lord Ashcroft, one of the Tory party’s biggest financial backers, to have carried out bestial necrophilia in a bizarre initiation to join a private “club” while attending his University.

Yes, David Cameron, fucked a dead pigs head while it was held on the lap of one of his establishment chums.

The Tory apologists, the journos and hacks of the 80% Tory Donor owned UK media AND the BBC, have rushed to Twitter in defence of the indefensible and say this latest scandal WILL “blow over”. They called it the sort of prank that ALL students get up to… Really? Er, NO THEY FUCKING DON’T!!!

We, the ordinary people, need a lot more dirt on Cameron and his cronies before the Tory voting public of the English shires take any notice.

We, the ordinary people, need big exposé’s of the whole of the upper class ruling elite.

Expose the Eton/OxBridge crowd, the inherited wealth brigade, the initiation ceremonies, the neo-feudal system, the nepotism, the Whips, the lobbyists, the peerage system. More investigations into the sex abuse claims against Cameron’s Aides and civil servants.

The establishment has to be shown for how utterly rotten to the core it is and the complicity in cover ups of the most horrifying crimes go right up to the Queens’ door. Witnesses to Cameron simulating fellatio on a dead pig say there are photographs. WHO HAS THEM? ARE THEY HOLDING THE PRIMEMINISTER TO RANSOM? WHAT HAVE THEY HAD COVERED UP?

Cameron is in the pocket of Rupert Murdoch’s oligarch agenda, a media empire that ejaculates a cacophony of nonsense, orchestrated by a billionaire who makes his money conditioning the poor to despise each other so that they keep their attention off what is really happening!

We, the ordinary people, need an independent body to take charge of the press, and stop it being used for political propaganda and to actually investigate the scandal of the kleptocratic elite in this country.

How does an ex-TV media company PR man (Central TV during a child abuse scandal that was also covered up!) become Prime minister? What are his qualifications for ruling the country?

It’s bizarre!

Never in my whole life have I considered myself to be British.

Never have I ever said “I’m from Great Britain”. Why would anyone who isn’t within the 1% elite?

I’m embarrassed! I’m embarrassed to have a pigfucking, in-bred aristocrat, pathological liar and full time fucking idiot as my prime-minister.

Here is the News for UK citizens:
the British Empire ended in 1945, a LONG TIME AGO, there was much to be ashamed of As we raped the resources of half the planet.
The British establishment does not give a fuck about you or your family, you will never be part of their club, you are no more than a commodity, cattle to be bought, sold and exploited.
We are NOT a “Christian Country”, we are (for better and worse) a multiculture (see first point above), including those with no religion.
The Royal Family are a tourist attraction of German descent, posing as English heritage and a made up “divine” lineage.
the UK is a nation run by banks in the square mile of the city of London, the city of corruption, known as THE CROWN ESTATE.
Jesus is a made-up pseudo-historical figure made up by a committee of Romans around the year AD400.
You live in a Corporate kleptocracy where you are continually in debt to some rich bastard who is probably evading taxes, something that you would definitely go to prison for.
Sorry to expose your fake version of reality but it’s TIME TO WAKE THE FUCK UP!



THIS IS FOR ALL OF YOU – Please read and SHARE.

This explains how your opinions are being formed, played and manipulated by Foreign Billionaires into clambering for War in Syria.

The source here is from “VETERANS FOR PEACE UK” on Facebook.

This blog link ( ) explains EXACTLY why the PSYCHOPATH Rupert Murdoch and his minions Rebekah Brooks and prime-puppet David Cameron are escalating the push for all out War in Syria.

Rothschild’s Genie Energy ( Link: ) has “permission” to drill in Syria’s Golan Heights and Rothschild’s GENIE ENERGY in Kurdistan which is now the main exporter of crude oil towards Western refineries in Turkey.

ISIS/ISIL/ DAESH in Iraq conveniently destroyed all Iraqi state pipeline network infrastructures which were enabling Iraqi state to sell its own northern oil around Mossul.
How convenient is Daesh to the Rothschild and Israel???
Before the rise of Daesh (in which the west have the utmost responsibility) Iraq refused to sell oil to Israel in support to the Palestinian struggle.
Now, through GENiE ENERGY, Israel imports 2/3 of its oil from Kurdistan … And guess who is the main supporter for the recognition to an “independant” Kurdistan ? Benyamin Netanyahu of course …

From the Turkish port of Ceyhan, oil is shipped towards Cyprus and then to Ashkelon and Ashodot where it is stocked and refined by PAZ OIL (Which had been created by the Rothschild back in the day and is now bigger than the Israeli state company).

Imagine, an oil rich Kurdistan supplying oil to Israel in the middle of Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran of course! What a better excuse for more wars ?

I also read that the Iraqi state complained on what is a blatant theft of Iraq’s resources by the Rothschilds.

Rebekah Brooks, first day back on the job for the heinous ginger c*nt and the shit rag Sun paper begins ramping up the War rhetoric on the orders of her psychopathic FOREIGN boss Rupert Murdoch who is playing this country’s Prime Minister like a fuckin puppet.

Wake Up! We’re sleepwalking into yet another OIL war!

Its all interlinked with US Vanguard Group inc.

Dick Cheney was also a member of Genie Energy Corporation Strategic Advisory Board.

Dick Cheney (Halliburton), had close to $85 million invested in the Vanguard Group.

Rupert Murdoch is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of News Corp.

Vanguard Group Inc held 85,939,439 shares on 12/31/2012 worth $2,192,315,109 in News Corp.

John Kerrys wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, has over $3,500,001 stake in General Electric Co.

Biggest stakeholder in General Electric Co is Vanguard Group:

Jul 30, 2012
The board of directors of General Electric Co. has elected John J. Brennan as an independent member of the company’s board of directors.

Brennan is chairman emeritus and a senior advisor of The Vanguard Group Inc.

Vangaurd got Investments in every going concern.

Raytheon, for example #5 15,664,626 $920,923,362

This from 2013:

‘Raytheon stock nears all-time high amid news of possible cruise-missile strike in Syria

Stock shares of perennial defense contracting powerhouse Raytheon hit nearly $77 apiece Tuesday as news of a possible US strike in Syria intensified. The US has said if it strikes Syrian government targets for alleged use of chemical weapons, it would likely use Tomahawk cruise missiles from warships positioned in the Mediterranean. Raytheon is responsible for making and selling the bulk of the long-range, subsonic missiles to the US government.’

John Kerry spouse, Teresa Heinz Kerry, holdings.

3. Raytheon Co. $960,010 – $2,200,000

• Raytheon Co. received $11,662,797,975 in government contracts for fiscal year 2007, including a total of approx. $10 billion from the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

US goes to war, they the politicians get return on investments from the very instruments that do the killing.

That’s how the game works.


(Not blowing my own trumpet here, but this is what I said to him when he visited or United Valleys Action Group meeting 11months ago 😎)

Michael Sheen has called for people to be given the power to run communities instead of “career politicians”.
The actor delivered a rousing speech on St David’s Day in Tredegar where he criticised “disconnected” politicians.
Now he is calling for people in Wales to “believe in their potential” and have more of a say on how their communities are run.
Sheen said:

“Many people have become alienated by career politicians who are disconnected from them.”

Speaking to BBC Radio Wales’ Jason Mohammad programme, he added: “We have to believe in our own potential.
“There’s a lot of frustration when people from quite privileged backgrounds are laying down the law to people who come from very challenged realities.
“It’s hard to listen to someone who has been educated in a certain way and had all sorts of advantages telling people how much money they should live on and to work longer hours when they’ve never had to do it themselves.
“Politics needs to be responsive to the different needs in communities. It’s not one size fits all for Wales or for Britain.
“Developing people to work within their communities for the specific need of that community is going to be very important in the way forward.
“Political parties need to respond to that because clearly what they’re offering is not what people want.”

Following Sheen’s speech at the People’s March for the NHS on 1 March, questions were asked about whether the actor was considering taking an active role in Welsh politics.
But the Hollywood star, from Neath Port Talbot, said his immediate future lay away from his home country.
He said: “I live in America because my daughter has grown up there and I made the choice to be with her.
“But Wales is my home and where I come from and this is the culture I care about the most.
“Once my daughter has gone to college and I don’t necessarily have to be there then things will change.
“When I made the speech in Tredegar, I felt a real connection that I haven’t felt for a long time. I want to try and continue that in the next couple of years.”

Tories stripping us of basic rights

It hasn’t taken long for the Conservatives to show their nasty side again.

Last week’s Trades Union Bill is an unnecessary and unfair attack on people’s rights at work and civil liberties.

Rather than dealing with zero-hours contracts, the lack of decent jobs and rip-off rents, the Tories want to pick on union members – midwives, factory workers, shop assistants and firefighters.

The Government is determined to shift the balance of power in the workplace and give bosses the whip hand during disputes.

You don’t have to be in a union to be hit. The pay deals unions agree often set the going rate for workers in many industries.

And the health and safety agreements they negotiate help keep millions of us safe.

The Tories are turning the clock back on workers’ rights and our basic freedoms.

Squire James Frampton – the man who had the Tolpuddle Martyrs sent to Australia – feared that workers organising themselves threatened the power of employers and landowners and called on the full might of the law to silence them.

He would have loved last week’s bill. It is a modern day masterclass in punishing working people and their unions for standing up for their rights.

It is vital that we all come together to oppose it.

The Tory masterplan to smash union power:
Strike ballots to have minimum turnout of 50 per cent to be legal
Public sector strikes woud need 40 per cent backing of ballot
Unions would have to give 14 days’ notice before using banners, loudspeakers, or even setting up a Facebook or Twitter account. They must also outline what these would say
Union organisers on picket lines must wear an armband or they can be fined
Unions would also be fined £20,000 for using social media during strike action – and again if they don’t publish plans in advance
Employers would be allowed to use agency workers to break strikes, which was banned in 1973!

Solidarity with all striking workers is imperative. The goal should be to rid Britain of Tories.

The paradox of the superego:
the more you obey what the Other demands of you, the guiltier you are.

The song “If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next” by the Manic Street Preachers, takes its name from the stark warning of a Republican Ministry of Propaganda poster during the Spanish Civil War, displaying a photograph of a young child killed by the Nationalists under a sky of bombers. It’s essence illustrating the paradox of the superego.

standard Catalogue number Art.IWM PST 8661 Production date 1936 Place made Spain Subject period Second World War Materials medium: lithograph support: paper Dimensions Support: Height 670 mm Support: Width 494 mm Mount: Height 670 mm Mount: Width 495 mm Frame: Height 448 mm Frame: Width 325 mm Frame: Depth 20 mm Alternative Names object category: Poster Creator: Augusto [attributed] (artist) Ministerio de Propaganda (publisher/sponsor) Category posters All Rights Reserved except for Fair Dealing exceptions otherwise permitted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, as amended and revised.

For if you are willing to tolerate what successive governments and regimes force upon you; from ideological austerity, atrocious policies attacking the Independent Living Allowance of just 18,000 of the most severely disabled in the UK to swingeing local authority cuts such as the removal of hot meal services for our elderly or removal of 7 out of 11 leisure centres in the Rhymney valley CCBC area, or imposition of car parking charges on the sick and disabled at our country parks.


Happy Bastille Day! Vive la republique!


School Days Over, by Ewan McColl, sung by Mary Black.

A Welsh mother’s lament as she sends her very young sons to their first morning’s work down the pit at the turn of the 20th century.

This version is 1987 and Mary Black is playing “Schooldays Over” with the Chieftains.


Schooldays over, come on then John
Time to be getting your pit boots on
On with your sack and your moleskin trousers
Time you were on your way
Time you were learning the pitman’s job
And earning a pitman’s pay.

Come on then Jim, it’s time to go
Time you were working down below
Time to be handling a pick and shovel
You start at the pits today
Time to be learning the collier’s job
And earning a collier’s pay.

Come on then Dai, it’s nearly light
Time you were off to the anthracite
The morning mist is on the valley
It’s time you were on your way
Time you were learning the miner’s job
And earning a miner’s pay

Schooldays over, come on then John
Time to be getting your pit boots on
On with your sack and your moleskin trousers
Time you were on your way
Time you were learning the pitman’s job
And earning a pitman’s pay.

In researching the song by Ewan McColl I found an interesting history to it had been compiled in a blog elsewhere here: