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This is just the tip of a pigs tail. Prime minister David Cameron, the leader of Her Majesties government, exposed by Lord Ashcroft, one of the Tory party’s biggest financial backers, to have carried out bestial necrophilia in a bizarre initiation to join a private “club” while attending his University.

Yes, David Cameron, fucked a dead pigs head while it was held on the lap of one of his establishment chums.

The Tory apologists, the journos and hacks of the 80% Tory Donor owned UK media AND the BBC, have rushed to Twitter in defence of the indefensible and say this latest scandal WILL “blow over”. They called it the sort of prank that ALL students get up to… Really? Er, NO THEY FUCKING DON’T!!!

We, the ordinary people, need a lot more dirt on Cameron and his cronies before the Tory voting public of the English shires take any notice.

We, the ordinary people, need big exposé’s of the whole of the upper class ruling elite.

Expose the Eton/OxBridge crowd, the inherited wealth brigade, the initiation ceremonies, the neo-feudal system, the nepotism, the Whips, the lobbyists, the peerage system. More investigations into the sex abuse claims against Cameron’s Aides and civil servants.

The establishment has to be shown for how utterly rotten to the core it is and the complicity in cover ups of the most horrifying crimes go right up to the Queens’ door. Witnesses to Cameron simulating fellatio on a dead pig say there are photographs. WHO HAS THEM? ARE THEY HOLDING THE PRIMEMINISTER TO RANSOM? WHAT HAVE THEY HAD COVERED UP?

Cameron is in the pocket of Rupert Murdoch’s oligarch agenda, a media empire that ejaculates a cacophony of nonsense, orchestrated by a billionaire who makes his money conditioning the poor to despise each other so that they keep their attention off what is really happening!

We, the ordinary people, need an independent body to take charge of the press, and stop it being used for political propaganda and to actually investigate the scandal of the kleptocratic elite in this country.

How does an ex-TV media company PR man (Central TV during a child abuse scandal that was also covered up!) become Prime minister? What are his qualifications for ruling the country?

It’s bizarre!

Never in my whole life have I considered myself to be British.

Never have I ever said “I’m from Great Britain”. Why would anyone who isn’t within the 1% elite?

I’m embarrassed! I’m embarrassed to have a pigfucking, in-bred aristocrat, pathological liar and full time fucking idiot as my prime-minister.