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From The Guardian:

Labour was formed as the party of the worker. But we’ve forgotten who that is


Yvette Cooper MP:
“Labour needs to keep up. We are losing our traditional support as the working class fragments and people’s sense of identity changes. Trade unions aren’t reaching those in insecure work, including those who need workplace representation and protection most. The Labour party is neither inspiring those who want to get on, nor empowering those who feel angry at the lack of control they have over their lives.”

Hehehehe… OMG… Irony overload from Mrs Ed Balls!

Let’s just remind ourselves who she is…
Yvette, you are an Oxbridge educated career politician speaking on behalf of a cabal of other Oxbridge educated career politicians that form the bulk of the anti-Corbyn PLP plot.
You stood as a “heavy weight” leadership candidate 10 months ago and got trounced by the membership!
The Labour party was indeed formed to ensure that for every banker, aristocrat and boss sitting on the green benches, there would be a docker, a miner, factory worker and a steelworker sitting opposite.
Since that time our economy has changed, but where are the MPs from the call centres, care homes and warehouses?
Oh! They’ve been elbowed out by the likes YOU and your permanent political class.
Big-Pharma Pfizer & Amgen professional PR Lobbyist Owen “Man of the People” Smith, the poor man’s Sgt Bilko, is a figure firmly of YOUR establishment.

My support goes to Jeremy Corbyn the last remaining hope to reclaim a party for it’s roots in SOCIALISM & the WORKING CLASSES.

Mark summed up the abject failure of Miliband’s Labour in this video.

They never stood with the people at parliament square, the anti-austerity, They never stood with the firefighters, They never stood with the nurses, They never stood against ideological austerity, They never stood with the underground strikers, They never stood with the evicted Mums at Sweets way estate in London… BUT, They stood with the TORIES over Yes Scotland​ and everyone saw THIS.

Labour is a busted flush. It’s had it’s time. Socialism needs to radically alter to meet people’s needs not the needs of career politicians and councillors and assembly ministers and Euro-MPs. The arseholes in suits no longer represent anyone but their own interests.

I’m despondent. Yes.

For what it’s worth, I have repeatedly said voting isn’t the Apex of political activity, as the majority in Britain think it is, voting is just part of the engagement.
Tony Benn said, we have to keep fighting the same battles over and over again because the generations coming along, keep making the same mistakes as those before them…

Or alternatively we could sell our souls and remain as worthless wage slaves and sheeple – useless eaters and stock, as Iain Duncan Smith refers to anyone who isn’t him…

It was always going to end like this for the Ed Miller Band, not even the most deluded fan saw him as leader of the gang.
What this election of, Call Me Dave Part Deux, is going to do is turn Britain into something like the 80’s of mass unemployment, a health service that cant cope, and a rise in the super-rich LOADSAMONEY class in the South.

A lot of people in this country should now be ashamed of themselves today, many of them will be the worst effected, but they won’t of course.
Another sad day in the decline of Britain.

Only a true Independent Scotland will save the day for socialism.

England is fucked, it will descend into violence, nationalistic and racial. 3.8million nationalistic UKIPpers voted with just one seat, they will realise 1.4 millions Scots voters got 56 seats, there may well be riots, but for the wrong reasons.

Wales will be forgotten, it already has been. Truly fucked.