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Just sent this image off for inclusion in an up coming series of art interventions called “Red Shoes” (curated by Shaun Featherstone) and it’s a response to the continual chipping away of our amenities.

“It’s my immediate response to the anger yesterday of Caerphilly Borough council imposing parking charges on the ex-coal mines that were turned into country parks in the north of the Rhymney Valley – this land is OUR heritage and enjoyed as a recreational facility by the families of the men who worked and in some cases died underground beneath our feet.
The parking charges have generated quite a bit of anger (check out Facebook) and I think the subject matter fits exactly into your project remit. i.e.
” focus on the continual chipping away of the cultural landscape that informs us and enriches us. Library closures, gallery closures, curtailing of community and recreational facilities – our country is suffering from a form of ‘cultural vandalism’ which affects us all. What is being lost today across so many communities will have profound, life changing, social implications now, tomorrow and for future generations… in danger of being swept away by wave after wave of vicious, ideological change.”

For the purposes of this exercise I’ve called the image “Parking Mad”.

Ian Pritchard




You have to feel sorry for Caerphilly Borough Council, having to levy  a charge to pay for all the alleged bent executives they’ve suspended on full pay pending the court case. All that money for sod all has to come from somewhere doesn’t it?



In a totally undemocratic hearing the CCBC has railroaded the decision to charge through. My disgust at them is palpable. Bastards.