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Free Arts magazine with article on Oil sponsorship of the Arts. Page 5; heading “divestment”

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In this sixth issue you can find our signature mix of the practical, political and the philosophical. In line with a renewed push towards climate action this autumn, we’re focusing on fossil fuel divestment and climate activism. We are also showing how the humble acts of fermenting cabbage and saving seeds are also radical acts of liberation, why in the face of increased corporate control we are out digging fields, brewing beer, helping our neighbour, telling our own story, doing art in whatever place we find ourselves (Editorial)


Tuning into the zeigeist, practising for the future means many things. In Transition media, it means setting out the culture we are forging together and showing it in all its colourful, smart and finely detailed aspects. It means listening to Tom Crompton on intrinsic values,’s Danielle Paffard on being radicalised, standing alongside indigenous peoples, foraging for scarlet mushrooms, getting to the roots of plant medicine, sharing our houses, making stuff together, getting in a seakayak and most of all getting a handle on the big ecological and social drivers that are challenging the world and ourselves in every action we take. And then doing all of this in a very different spirit. Why? Because climate change and carbon reduction frames everything that happens in this paper. Because this changes everything.





Horde of oily Vikings protest at BP sponsorship at British Museum

Viking exhibition hit by surprise protest performance about “looting and pillaging” oil company

Museum-goers applaud as marauding “BP Vikings” ejected from Museum

Today, theatrical protest group the Reclaim Shakespeare Company invaded the British Museum and held a surprise performance challenging BP’s sponsorship of the popularVikings exhibition.